Category: Behind the Scenes

Four Legs Good

Four Legs Good A good amount of what I do is photographing human beings, and trying to shape light to bring out their best features. This project was about seeing how animal’s heads react to the same treatment – seeing if they look any more human… These are all animals from Wythenshawe Community Farm in […]

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Gladiators in White Collars

Imagine going to work knowing that, at the end of the day, you will, for the first time, begin training as a boxer. Imagine this continuing for eight weeks, knowing throughout that when the eight weeks are over, you’ll have to get in the ring and actually fight ┬ásomeone else – another white collar worker […]

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Arty in the park

  John Hillman, for an article in the Sunday Times about savings and pensions. Another scenario where there is no real picture story, so the important thing is to inject a little interest wherever possible. A nearby park where John walks his dog was the spot I chose. I’ve become aware of the Online Lighting […]

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