John’s Lotus

Disgrunted John Parker owns a Lotus Elise that rattles, but he showed me the ropes down a windy Preston B road in it anyway. Once the engine was warm enough John steadily put the hammer down and down, and the little Lotus was straightening tight corners and eating scenery at an alarming rate. Sure enough […]

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Fee for all

Pictures from Edge Hill University, appearing in The Times for its decision to raise fees above cost to give a better service to students. Edge Hill has an attractive campus with some classic looking spots and some more funky modern ones. Visible here is Vice Chancellor John Cater on the lawn outside the main building, […]

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Victory for the Red Army

Deep down I wish this had been a picture story about the Soviet Red Army – some amazing archive find from WW2 about Stalingrad, since history’s much more my scene than football, but instead it’s ManUtd fans pouring beer into each other’s hair outside Old Trafford. I don’t watch football, know anything about it and […]

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Trash converters

Lisa Raynes, an architect, and husband Adam, a glass designer, in their property in Chorlton, Manchester, which was formerly a grungy bedsit in a state of disrepair. After buying the house for £235k and spending £35k on renovations, the property is now believed to fetch between £350k and £400k. Tough new licensing regulations mean a […]

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Urbia to Cumbria

An article for The Times. Jo Hampson is a ‘downshifter’ – someone who has chosen to abandon city living for a quieter, simpler life in a cottage in the countryside, from which she runs her food smoking business. However, rural life is not as simple as one might think – and Jo can offer advice […]

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Such a clever boy

It’s perverse, but I get a kick out of sneaking my car into the background of pictures which then get used in the local paper I work for. (When I read the paper, I can look for sightings). This story about kids from Woodheys Primary in West Timperley, who are ticketing cars illegally parked outside […]

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